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Feb 13 2013

Two Door Cinema Club @ Brixton Academy, London

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  • Two Door Cinema Club @ Brixton Academy, London - 02/13/2013

    The rise of Two Door Cinema Club has been a stealthy one. Their first album, Tourist History, sold moderately well. And their recent album Beacon, didn’t set the charts alight either. Nevertheless, there has been something meteoric about the Irish band; their sold out gig at Brixton Academy will be followed  by a show at Alexandra Palace in April, and they even landed a slot at the Olympic opening ceremony. As they take to the stage tonight to positive ecstasy from the decidedly youthful crowd, the show feels like the result of that rare mix – hard work and knock out tunes. Tonight feels like a concerted effort to establish themselves in the big league. It’s difficult to deny their right. They open with recent single Sleep Alone and, from then on, unleash a series of danceable indie-pop hits. Their setlist dips pretty evenly between both albums, and there are strobe lights, bursts of smoke and balloons. The crowd love...

  • Two Door Cinema Club, Brixton Academy, London - 02/11/2013

    “I'm majorly losing my voice”, says singer Alex Trimble after a pulsating rendition of “Settle”. It is only mid-way through Two Door Cinema Club's set at the Brixton Academy and the buoyant atmosphere built up thus far, takes a slight dip at the news.

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